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Wind Vented Roofing Systems for Fl Condominiums and Commercial Buildings

Negative pressure, wind vented roofs for condo’s and commercial buildings throughout the Fl. Coast. Weather the storm.

When it comes to hurricane rated roofs for condominiums and commercial buildings, a wind vented roofing system is by far the best option. Simply put, the roof gets stronger the faster the wind blows! Rated up to 200mph, and loaded with other advantages, installing one is the best decision you can make for your commercial building.

The roofs of Florida’s commercial businesses and condominiums are very vulnerable to the elements. The experts at AAT Roofing want to help minimize the cost of future repairs, so we recommend, and install wind vented roofing systems for all our valued customers. From condominiums, to retail stores, to municipalities, to warehousing facilities, trust your roofing to us, and see the difference a wind vented, negative pressure roof can make!

Wind vented roofing systems offer several advantages over other types of roofing. They outperform all other roofing types when it comes to hurricane wind forces. They also last longer due to the nature of their construction (if installed by qualified contractors that is). Wind Vented roofs are continually self-drying which is an important advantage in our humid and wet climate.

Advantages to Wind Vented Roofing Installations

Outperforms under extreme weather conditions, rated to over 200MPH
Lasts longer than other traditional roofing systems
Lower cost than other types of commercial roofing
self-drying; increased mitigation of mold, mildew and fungus
More energy efficient than other roofing materials
A greener roof; wind vented roofing systems are inherently more environmentally friendly

Importance of Wind Vented Roofing Systems

When wind flows over your building, it often collects in small gaps between your roof and the underlying structures. It forms air pockets, which can eventually lift the roof from the rest of the building.

Over time, wind places more stress on the bindings and ruins the integrity of the roof. The gaps become larger, which makes it easier for moisture to accumulate. The roof itself can begin to decay and moisture can collect in the rest of the building, which in itself can lead to additional damage.

This is particularly concerning in Florida. Moisture levels are twice the national average, so wind damage can cause your roof to decay more quickly.

You can protect against wind and moisture damage by using one of AAT’s wind vented roofing systems.

How Do Our Wind Vented Systems Work?

Our wind vented roofing systems are made of single ply membranes with small ripples on either side. When wind flows over the roof, the ripples from the top are pushed downwards. They close the gap, which makes it more difficult for wind to penetrate the underlying surface and minimizes ongoing exposure to moisture. Numerous studies have shown that the wind vented roofing systems we use are highly effective. Ask us about the statistics associated with our roofing systems.

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Do you want to insulate your building from damaging winds and other natural elements? AAT Roofing has weatherproofed Florida condominiums and commercial buildings for over 40 years. We can install a wind vented roofing system that will persevere against not only the eventual hurricanes, but the myriad of elements the Florida climate unleashes un us constantly. Although we love the friendly, warm climate, every refuge has it’s price, and one of them is the demands on your roof. Satisfy the demand and call AAT roofing!

Feel free to contact us at (386) 767-1886. We look forward to hearing from you!


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