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Condominium Roof Replacement and Repair for Fl Condo Associations

Superior condominium roof replacements and repairs utilizing wind vented roofing systems that get stronger as the wind blows!

Condominium roof replacement and condominium roof repair for coastal Florida condominiums can be tricky business. The risk is great if the roof doesn’t stand the test of time, and increased risk means headaches, and unplanned expenses for association members than can be devastating. Put plainly, roof damage can be a nightmare for condominium owners and condominium associations. Since bylaws are often vague, it can be difficult to determine which party is financially responsible for the repairs. By the time it’s sorted out, the problem can be much worse than originally anticipated. Avoid the cure, with an ounce of prevention. With AAT you can rest assured that your wind vented roofing system will stand up to the most fierce of hurricanes and storms. Ask us to show you some of our long- standing roofs, and to talk about how they withstood the pounding other roofs succumbed to.

The Condo roofing experts at AAT have over 40 years of experience with condominium roof replacements and repairs. We provide timely, quality service and unmatched value.

Protect Yourself From the Next Big Storm, Install a Wind Vented Roofing System That Gets stronger the Faster the Wind Blows!

Many Florida roofing contractors are reluctant to serve condominium owners. They often fear that they will run into billing issues when multiple parties are responsible for repair costs.

The experts at AAT are much more accommodating. Our mission is to serve every resident in Florida, including condominium owners and associations. We provide the following services to our valued Condo Associations:

Condominium Roof Repair

Florida condominium associations and owners face a number of problems that can wreak havoc on their roofs. In addition to the obvious, hurricanes, the high levels of humidity and hail that plague the Coastal Florida areas from Port Orange to Daytona to St. Augustine can cause:

  • Roofing leaks
  • Mildew
  • Loose or broken shingles and tiles
  • Flashing damage

Our roofing experts are thoroughly trained to handle every problem coastal condominium owners may encounter.

We always try to take the most economical and convenient route for our customers when it comes to roof repairs. Unfortunately, sometimes your roof will be damaged beyond the hope of repair. In those cases, we will replace your roof with every cost courtesy available. Our wind vented roofing systems for condominiums are cost effective, and will minimize future maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

Contact AAT Today and Ask Why Our Wind Vented Roofing Systems are the Best Roof Replacement Option for Your Condominium Complex, and Your Budget!

If you are condominium owner or homeowners association, you need to choose your roofing contractor carefully. The dedicated experts at AAT Roofing have proudly served condominium associations from Daytona, to Port Orange to St. Augustine for nearly half a century. Is your condominium In need of roof replacement or repair in Palm Coast, Daytona Beach Shores or South Daytona Beach? No worries, we in fact service from South Daytona Beach all the way to St. Augustine. Call today for your free estimate!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment to look at your condominium roof replacement or repair project. We look forward to working with you! Call 386-767-1886


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  • You have more than restored my faith in building contractors…although now I would never to go anyone else. I am 100% satisfied with every aspect and would gladly act as a reference for you and your very fine company.
    A. Blakeslee Residential Customer
  • The work that you performed on the re-roof project was a very good experience for us both on the office side and in the field. We will be looking for more opportunities to work with your firm!
    Wayne Bradley The Blue River Group
  • I've received many favorable comments by our owners about the courtesy and friendliness of A.A.T.'s work force. Jim Hayes's foreman and lead installers are well trained and aware of the high standards he expects.
    H.J. (Hank) Mueller V.P., Surfside Club Association Inc.
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