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Condominium Roof Replacement Costs and Budgetary Pricing for FL Condo Associations

The budgeting and cost forecasting your condo association needs to be prepared!

For costs associated with condominium roof replacement and repair throughout the FL coast, the long-time professionals at A.A.T Roofing have the experience to keep your condominium association not only in full repair today – but also ready for the unforeseen expenses of tomorrow.

Condominium associations are required by state law to plan for future repairs and other capital expenditures to its common areas in order to fairly and properly assess and establish individual resident fees. As a responsible condominium owner you should be concerned that your association has capital funds on hand for those big items that will inevitably occur; the most obvious in future construction is likely the roof. Being in the hurricane belt doesn’t help either, being prepared means ensuring the roof you do have is secure and ready for any eventual damaging winds and driving rain. Being prepared saves future inconveniences such as delayed repair due to contested insurance claims, or perhaps even the chance you may have to move out of your unit during renovations after the big storm hits. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Just exactly what is it you need on hand, and what can be done today to ensure the best possible outcome for the association. The general rule is that a condominium association should have an amount equal to at least 10% of its annual operating budget in its cash reserves. But have the fees been properly assessed? There are laws to this effect as well and A.A.T. is knowledgeable in all of Florida’s condominium laws and regulations. Additionally, it’s always best to have a professional come to the complex and help the association understand what costs may look like for current repairs and the eventual need of a roof replacement. Not every roof is designed and built equal, there may be special circumstances that make your roof more or less expensive to maintain and replace. Has the current roof been properly installed and maintained? If not, you may have to plan sooner, than later for that upcoming work. The worst case scenario is you are blindsided with burdensome, avoidable costs because there was no preparation or planning in advance. Call A.A.T. and get prepared! We can help you understand your capital assessment needs both in the short and long term. Need repairs today, or perhaps a roof inspection? No problem we can do those as well!

Special Assessments and Capital Needs

A special assessment is the amount of money that a condominium trust needs on hand in order to pay for a project or outstanding debt not part of the annual budget assessment. Your capital needs assessment needs to be focused on budgeting and cost forecasting, not just on the particulars of the roof system itself. 

Assessing condominium roof replacement costs is our business. A.A.T. Roofing will assist in your requirement to pre-plan for major building maintenance costs so your annual assessments are accurate and you are charging your owners enough annually.

Know you are covered when it comes time to complete a major project.

Your roof is one of your most valuable assets, and whether it’s in five, 10 or 20 years, the day will come when your association will need a replacement. We have the experience to get you honest, forward-looking quotes to get you the most accurate cost assessment possible as a starting point for any future planning.

Condominium Roof Replacement Costs in FL Coastline Communities| Understanding Your Capital Needs

For condominium roof replacement and budget costs in FL coastal areas, the experts at A.A.T. will give you honest, reliable quotes and customer service guarantees superior to our competitors. Call us today for a consultation. (386) 767-1886.


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